Tom Vanderbilt, Outside Magazine

It’s LinkedIn meets Strava. It’s a little bit TED and a whole lotta shred.

-Tom Vanderbilt, Outside Magazine
Marc Skalla

I woke up feeling extremely grateful this morning. I have never truly felt stronger mentally or physically. Thank you for absolutely the best, most soul-stirring event I have ever participated in. There is something very unique and special about the group of people the event brought together. Definitely made a difference in my life.

-Marc Skalla
DJ Stephan

Something truly special happened at 29029. We connected on a level I never thought possible within 72 hours. That is what happens when you put 200+ like-minded people on a mountain and have them climb it TOGETHER.

-DJ Stephan
Lindsay Wojciechowski

I think back to my 29029 experience almost daily. It has absolutely redefined what I believe I’m capable of. We all have untapped potential inside of us, but as an overcommitted working mom, there are few opportunities to step outside of the grind, as well as our comfort zone, and find ways to unlock that potential. It’s unique opportunities, like 29029, that allow us the chance to discover it. 

-Lindsay Wojciechowski
Christine Egan

When you surround yourself with people doing extraordinary things you start to believe you can do them too. 29029 helped me realize that I am indeed one of them!

-Christine Egan
Crawford Keys

There are great experiences and adventures in my life that I cherish…but 29029 was the most unique 3 day “moment” that has accompanied me every day since. It has impacted my mindset and daily approach to life….forever.

-Crawford Keys
Scott MacGregor

I’ve been to a TON of business and athletic events but 29029 was the most inspirational and well coordinated event by far. And it’s not even close. It was an epic event with literally a world class field of human beings. It was a honor, humbling, grueling and worth every gallon of sweat!

-Scott MacGregor
Ashlye Hix

29029 gave me the chance to do more than i thought my mind or body was capable of. As a mother and wife so many of my exciting moments have been supporting my husband or kids. This event It enabled me experience that excitement and fear for MYSELF. I got that and so much more.

-Ashlye Hix
David Landau

There is a difference between living and existing. 29029 puts you in the living space

-David Landau
Chuck Wade

I think about 29029 every single day – different thoughts, different times of day, but at some time each day I visit the mountain in my mind.  It has changed the way I live my life.

-Chuck Wade
Carly Desphy

My husband and I hiked together the entire event and it was a fantastic learning experience about how we handle adversity, push past our limits and what helps us in hard times. Thanks again 29029 for creating the opportunity to grow as individuals and as a couple.

-Carly Desphy