29029 Vermont

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29029 Vermont was EPIC in every sense of the word. The season’s first snow covered the summit as 130 participants Everested. Bonds were formed. Lives were changed. Our family grew with 200 more in the 29029 community.

Registration for the 2019 events opens Oct 23rd. Don’t miss out on a weekend for your life resume.

29029 Ascent Board Results

This will be updated in real time.

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29029 Everest Challenge Vermont 2018
Mario Borowski18No Summit00:00:01
Mark Neilan121No Summit00:00:04
Vanessa Sciacchetano150No Summit00:00:05
Alex Hutchinson82No Summit00:00:06
Matt Parker131No Summit00:00:06
Michael Sciacchetano149No Summit00:00:07
Andrea Filippelli56No Summit00:00:07
Tyler Smith163No Summit00:00:07
Rick Pollack137No Summit00:00:07
Kristi Neilan122No Summit00:00:08
Matt Davis41No Summit00:00:08
Greg Madachik101No Summit00:00:08
DJ Stephan169No Summit00:00:08
Mitchell Baruchowitz9No Summit00:00:08
Dessy Boneva15No Summit00:00:08
Brad Mak102No Summit00:00:08
Tim Snee165No Summit00:00:09
Nina Perez132No Summit00:00:09
Ross Bernkrant11No Summit00:00:09
John Anderson4No Summit00:00:09
Jon Cormany35No Summit00:00:09
Paolo Stuppa171No Summit00:00:09
Amanda Easterlin194No Summit00:00:09
Joe Gagnon63No Summit00:00:10
Emanuele Marabella104No Summit00:00:10
Lauren Woodcock189No Summit00:00:10
Michelle Klinger95No Summit00:00:10
Marq Brown27No Summit00:00:10
Justin Silver160No Summit00:00:10
Alex Clark33No Summit00:00:10
Scott Whiting186No Summit00:00:11
Lindsay Shields159No Summit00:00:11
Meg Shields157No Summit00:00:11
Brett Preston138No Summit00:00:11
Anthony Miceli110No Summit00:00:11
Sylvia Saw McKaige145No Summit00:00:11
JP Paquin130No Summit00:00:11
Riley Grimme72No Summit00:00:12
Ryan Krol97No Summit00:00:12
Greg Grimme71No Summit00:00:12
Kelly DeBusschere42No Summit00:00:12
Rachel Leone100No Summit00:00:12
Beth Froberg62No Summit00:00:12
Pat Shields158No Summit00:00:13
Dennis DeBusschere43No Summit00:00:13
Matt Timm177No Summit00:00:13
Julie Laudon99No Summit00:00:13
Chris Timm176No Summit00:00:13
Stephen Odom126No Summit00:00:13
Donald Murphy118No Summit00:00:13
Thomas Zebley192No Summit00:00:13
Ray Hix75No Summit00:00:14
Scott Smith162No Summit00:00:14
Daniel Hack73No Summit00:00:14
Crystal Molen113No Summit00:00:14
Brad Oneglia127No Summit00:00:14
Crawford Keys93No Summit00:00:15
Jeff Jorgensen91No Summit00:00:15
Meghan Sharron153No Summit00:00:15
Tom Kahl92No Summit00:00:15
David Johnson87No Summit00:00:15
Rob Sharron154No Summit00:00:15
Chris Fratto59No Summit00:00:16
Michael Pagano129No Summit00:00:16
Bob Schwenger148No Summit00:00:17
Bobby Barad6No Summit00:00:17
Wooch Graff69No Summit00:00:17
Will Jordan90No Summit00:00:17
Dan FitzSimons57No Summit00:00:17
Diane Pagano128No Summit00:00:18
David Landau98No Summit00:00:18
Jeff Miller112No Summit00:00:18
Maureen Iannace84No Summit00:00:18
Dave Molen114No Summit00:00:18
Kathy Tight175No Summit00:00:18
Ashlye Hix76No Summit00:00:18
Doug Becker10No Summit00:00:19
Jim Donovan45No Summit00:00:19
Elizabeth Anderson3No Summit00:00:19
Graham Dorian46No Summit00:00:19
Jamie Cornell38No Summit00:00:19
Paul Doyle47No Summit00:00:19
Gerry Spedale167No Summit00:00:20
Matt Montgomery115No Summit00:00:20
Colin O'Brady123No Summit00:00:21
Chris Carsten30No Summit00:00:21
Brian Mccabe106No Summit00:00:21
Lisa Trainer Fields178No Summit00:00:21
Natalie Bridgeman Fields21No Summit00:00:21
Rich Rescigno140No Summit00:00:21
Michael Abrams1No Summit00:00:21
Elinor Buck28No Summit00:00:22
Chris Yarrow190No Summit00:00:22
Sam Zurawel193No Summit00:00:22
Paul Zani191No Summit00:00:23
Trevis Gillow66No Summit00:00:23
Dave Swanson173No Summit00:00:23
Brian Williamson188No Summit00:00:23
Bethany Schuler147No Summit00:00:23
Mike Faust53No Summit00:00:24
Chris Stout170No Summit00:00:25
Adam Goldstein68No Summit00:00:25
Alex Bougaieff19No Summit00:00:25
Kelly Robinson142No Summit00:00:25
Sean Wheeler185No Summit00:00:25
Paul Cullen40No Summit00:00:25
Crystal Seaver151No Summit00:00:26
Lindsay Veleber180No Summit00:00:26
Brian Fiegel55No Summit00:00:27
Todd Myers119No Summit00:00:27
Nels Peterson133No Summit00:00:27
Ariel Shannon152No Summit00:00:28
Jocelyn Miller111No Summit00:00:28
Darcy Carr29No Summit00:00:29
Elizabeth Margeson105No Summit00:00:29
Joannie Rich141No Summit00:00:29
John Gallen64No Summit00:00:30
Steven Jomides88No Summit00:00:30
Andrea Jomides89No Summit00:00:31
Stacey Hodulich77No Summit00:00:31
Christie Dull48No Summit00:00:31
Alfredo Morles116No Summit00:00:31
Alex Hogan79No Summit00:00:33
Carly Desphy44No Summit00:00:33
Helene Walisever183No Summit00:00:33
David Wible187No Summit00:00:34
Chad Vavpetic179No Summit00:00:34
Nick Morris117No Summit00:00:35
Rob Meredith109No Summit00:00:36
Francois Menard107No Summit00:00:36
Jesse Itzler85No Summit00:00:37
Adam Hyncik83No Summit00:00:38
James Kinkaid94No Summit00:00:38
Todd Petrucciani134No Summit00:00:39
Stephanie Waugh184No Summit00:00:39
Britney Pierce136No Summit00:00:39
Joe Maloy103No Summit00:00:40
Brendan Thompson174No Summit00:00:41
Angie Ransom139No Summit00:00:41
Janet VonKohn181No Summit00:00:41
Lon VonKohn182No Summit00:00:42
Tommy Johnson86No Summit00:00:42
Katherine Cornell36No Summit00:00:43
Rob Gilfeather65No Summit00:00:45
Peter Holland80No Summit00:00:45
Christine Egan49No Summit00:00:45
Blair Cornell37No Summit00:00:45
Craig Pfannenstiehl135No Summit00:00:46
Kathy Flock58No Summit00:00:48
Frank Egan50No Summit00:00:49
Elizabeth Barr7No Summit00:00:49
Lisa Fallon52No Summit00:00:49
Saint AuFranc5No Summit00:00:50
Michael Ferrante54No Summit00:00:51
Greg Barr8No Summit00:00:51
Ken Frisman61No Summit00:00:52
Charlie Emby51No Summit00:00:53
Greg Schmid146No Summit00:00:53
David Nahabedian120No Summit00:00:53
Geoffrey Greenberg70No Summit00:00:53
Jeff Brown25No Summit00:00:55
Bob Hoffman78No Summit00:00:56
Randy Bitonte13No Summit00:00:56
Pam Brown26No Summit00:00:56
Tim Coleman34No Summit00:00:56
Gibby Booth17No Summit00:00:58
Charles Spada166No Summit00:00:58
Roger Booth16No Summit00:00:59
Joseph Slattery161No Summit00:01:04
Lance Friedman60No Summit00:01:22
Todd Brown23No Summit00:01:38
Chriss Smith195No Summit00:01:38
Jeff Alred2No Summit00:01:41
Ed O'Keefe124No Summit00:02:03
Matt Cesaratto31No Summit00:10:07
Lewis Howes81No Summit00:10:07
Trisha Smith164No Summit00:10:18
Keegan Brown24No Summit10:39:57
Eli Rodsky143Elbrus & Kilimanjaro00:00:37

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