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Train With The Best

Conquer the mountain via 1-on-1 coaching with 29029 Coach Ashley Randall
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Limited Availability

What you get

Daily guidance and accountability from a world class endurance coach
Entry to the iFIT Summit Push event in Snowbasin, UT (
Exclusive 29029 gear including hiking poles and headlamp


Meet Your Coach
Coach Ashley has been an on-mountain coach at many 29029 events and understands what it takes to reach the summit. She believes that our bodies are often more capable than we think, and that mental limitations are what often hold us back. Training with Ashley is about confronting those hurdles and working on your mentality as much as your body.
Coach Ashley specializes in working with women (especially moms)
Ashley has completed multiple marathons, triathlons, and was even an arena football player and amateur boxer!
Ashley has a B.S. in Kinesiology from San Diego State and holds multiple personal training and group exercise certifications.


We’ll set you up with a kickoff call with Coach Ashley to align on goals and preferences. You’ll also get a premium membership to Training Peaks.
Coach Ashley will create daily workout plans including endurance, strength, and recovery components specific to you. She’ll be available to answer any questions over text/email. You’ll also have monthly 1-on-1 calls with Ashley.
We’ll send you exclusive 29029 swag and hiking gear as your training picks up, and get you a free entry to the iFIT Summit Push at Snowbasin on June 4 (
Coach Ashley will keep you on track, answer your questions, and share feedback and encouragement every step of the way!


Stay organized with a premium TrainingPeaks account (included)
Review performance insights w/Ashley regularly
Track your progress over time to stay motivated


"Ashley's training helped me reset my mind on food/nutrition plus kicked my ass to make me stronger. The weight loss is great & all but that is honestly secondary to how bad ass I FEEL."

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this coaching differ from the 20 week training guide that is included with the registration fee that I already paid for?
The 20 week training plan that all 29029 participants receive is a trusted and proven way to get ready to conquer the mountain that starts about 5 months out from each event. 1-on-1 coaching is for athletes looking for longer-term training plans and individualized plans that account for their specific situation.
Will my coach prescribe a plan that accounts for my limitations, lifestyle, and preferences?
Absolutely. Your coach will create an individualized plan just for you that synthesizes any limitations you have, schedule availability, and any other goals and preferences you have.
When does coaching start?
Your coach will reach out to you within 48 hours of registration to set up your kickoff call and get you moving!
How will my coach and I communicate?
You’ll be able to text and email your coach whenever, as well as monthly 1-on-1 live video calls. You’ll also be set up with a premium TrainingPeaks account for tracking your progress.
When will I receive my gear/swag? What exactly am I getting?
After your 3rd month of 1:1 coaching, we’ll send you hiking poles and a headlamp for night hiking, as well as a box of 29029 apparel.
What’s up with the June ‘training’ event entry?
The iFIT Summit Push is taking place at Snowbasin, UT on June 4, 2022. 29029 participants that sign up for 1-on-1 coaching prior to March 2022 will receive a free entry for themselves and a guest. This will be an excellent opportunity to test your progress. 29029 coaches will be at the event so this will be a chance to meet and hike together in person! Travel and accommodation at this event are not included. Check out for more details!
Can my monthly subscription continue after the event?
Yes, they can! We hope that working with your coach benefits your life beyond 29029 and you can continue your monthly subscription as long as you'd like.
What’s the cancellation policy?
Simply email us at at least 10 days prior to your next renewal to cancel.
Is there a minimum monthly commitment?
No, there is no minimum commitment, but if you cancel before 3 months, you won’t be eligible to receive your gear or entry to the training event in June, 2022.