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Train with the best

Conquer the mountain via 1-on-1 coaching with 29029 Head Coach Brent Pease
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Limited to 50 29029 participants


Daily guidance and accountability from a world class endurance coach
Entry to a 12-hour training event at Snowbasin, UT in June, 2022
Exclusive 29029 gear including hiking poles, headlamp, and much more


Meet Your Coach
Brent Pease has been 29029's Head Coach since we started climbing in 2017. He helped create the 29029 training guide and has helped hundreds of participants reach their summit.
Coach is an 11-time Ironman finisher, and five of those finishes have been as a push-assisted team with his brother, Kyle Pease, who was born with Cerebral Palsy with Spastic Quadriplegia.
In 2018, Brent and Kyle became the first pair of brothers to complete the Ironman World Championships.
Brent works with everyone from ultra athletes to complete beginners.


Kickoff call
We’ll set you up with a kickoff call with Coach Brent to align on goals and preferences. You’ll also get a premium membership to Training Peaks.
You’re unique. So is your training plan
Coach Brent will create daily workout plans including endurance, strength, and recovery components specific to you. He’ll be available to answer any questions over text/email. You’ll also have monthly 1-on-1 calls with Brent.
Enjoy exclusive extras!
We’ll send you exclusive 29029 swag and hiking gear as your training picks up, and get you a free entry to a 12-hour endurance hiking event in June 2022!
The accountability you need
Coach Brent will keep you on track, answer your questions, and share feedback and encouragement every step of the way!

Track your progress

Stay organized with a premium TrainingPeaks account (included)
Review performance insights w/Brent regularly
Track your progress over time to stay motivated


"Working with Coach Brent prior to the event was a game changer. He took the concepts that we learned on the group calls and customized them just to me. He provided goals, applicable tools as well as accountability and encouragement. His coaching set me up for success and enabled me to go home in red and for that, I am truly grateful."
"Brent was a tremendous resource both before and during the event. Strategy is so important in 29029 for training, pace, hydration, nutrition, equipment, etc. Brent was instrumental in helping me develop and implement a successful strategy in all areas."
"29029 brings out the best in everybody. There are moments when people struggle. There are moments when people succeed. There are moments when everyone just needs to take a breath. We all just have to show up for each other, and we'll all leave as the best version of ourselves."
Coach Brent

An exclusive opportunity

1-on-1 coaching with Brent is now sold out. More world class coaches will be joining the program in January so keep an eye out!

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