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What if Mt. Everest and 29,029 vertical feet came to you?

29029 was created to give the ultra endurance finish line to the non-endurance athlete.

3 nights of community. 36 hours to climb.
1 story to tell for the rest of your life.

This is not a race. This is you vs you.

A new category of event

Equal parts physical, mental and spiritual. Almost anyone can hike one of our mountains, but do you have the heart and will to do it again and again until you earn the right to say you “Everested”?

The Challenge

Run/walk/crawl up the mountain. Take the gondola down. Repeat. Until you climb 29029 feet…EVEREST.

Each summit hike is one step closer to an epic accomplishment – whether you attain Everest’s 29029 or the vertical equivalent of another one of the 7 summits (the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents).

After each lap take the gondola down to the base and brand each lap into a custom wood board.

The Experience

29029 is more than an event. From the day you sign up, you are part of a community that is committed to helping you realize your best self.

Daily Training Programs

Daily Training Programs

After committing to your mountain, we will create training plans to aid in your successful climb.

Private Community

Private Community

You will be invited to join our private platform to connect with those who will make the climb with you.

You vs. You Challenge

You vs. You Challenge

This is not you vs anyone, this is you vs. you. It is a race against yourself. Are you up for that challenge?

The Red Bib

The Red Bib

The red bib. The bib of all bibs. You are given your red bib to climb your final ascent, the climb of all climbs.

The Red Hat

The Red Hat

You receive your red hat after making your last climb, wear it with pride. Only finishers receive the red hat.

Personalized bibs are provided upon check-in to wear throughout the event.

The front of the bib is adorned with the 29029 branding and your name or nickname for the weekend. The back of the bib lists each of the 7 summits and a place to check each summit off as you climb towards Everest and 29029 vertical feet.

These badges indicate how many times a participant has Everested climbing all 29029 vertical feet during at one of our locations.


Given to all participants on your final climb to 29029. A symbol to the community you are about to Everest!


Reserved for 3x+ finishers. The ultimate status symbol among the 29029 family.


Our volunteers are here to cheer you on throughout your journey. You’ll recognize them by this bib.


You’ll recognize our coaches by the above bib. They will be there to encourage and guide you throughout your journey.

Who We Are

Our team will be with you – before your arrival and on the mountain – every step of the way. We are committed to ensuring that your experience is one without comparison.

The Team
The Coaches

Our Why

We believe people can be transformed through extreme mental and physical challenges. We exist to challenge people so intensely they evolve into a better version of themselves.

This experience is for those who want to live. Who believe challenging things can change you. This is an opportunity to go and get the most out of life. Why? 29029 creates a community of individuals who share this life changing experience, those who climb with each other - not against.