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3 nights of community.
36 hours to climb.
1 story to tell for the rest of your life.

Join our community of gritty, determined people and conquer the mountain at 29029.

How It Works

A new category of challenge that's equal parts physical, mental and spiritual, you and your fellow climbers will have 36 hours to climb 29029 vertical feet. Almost anyone can hike the mountain once, but do you have the heart and will to do it again and again until you earn the right to say you 'Everested'?

Hike Up. Gondola Down. Repeat.

Run/walk/crawl up. Ride the gondola down. Then repeat. Each hike is one step closer to an epic accomplishment. Brand each lap into the ascent board to honor the mountain.

As the world's premier endurance hiking challenge, 29029 brings together a like-minded community of individuals who understand that getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow. Do you have what it takes to join this community and conquer the mountain?

The experience

29029 is more than an event. From the day you sign up, you are part of a community that is committed to helping you realize your best self. Have questions? Click here to set up a brief call with our team.

Exclusive 36-hour event entry

We rent out a ski mountain for 3 days to give you the chance to do something extraordinary


3 nights accommodations (hotels or glamping tents) included

Food + Drink

All your food, beverage, and alcohol needs are covered for 4 days. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets accommodated.

Daily Training Plans

Receive daily training plans specific to each mountain to make sure you’re set up to succeed

Coaching + Community

Access to elite coaches, monthly coaching calls, and membership to the private 29029 online community to connect with those who will make the climb with you

29029 Swag

All participants receive free, limited edition gear and finisher awards

The Ascent Board

Branding the Ascent Board and inhaling the smell of burning wood after each climb is an intoxicating token of achievement that can only be earned.

The Red Bib

Personalized white bibs are worn throughout the event. Reach your final ascent to receive your red bib, which signals that you're now on the climb of all climbs.

The Red Hat

A symbol to the community that you've reached Everest. Wear it with pride and celebrate with your fellow climbers. The red hat is only earned, never given.

The 7 Summits

On the way up to Everest, we'll also celebrate the accomplishment of reaching the elevation equivalent of the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents.

Summit Continent Vertical Gain
Aconcagua South America 22,838
Denali North America 20,322
Kilimanjaro Africa 19,341
Elbrus Europe 18,510
Vinson Antarctica 16,050
Kosciuszko Australia Oceania 7,310
Continent South America
Vertical gain 22,838
Continent North America
Vertical gain 20,322
Continent Africa
Vertical gain 19,341
Continent Europe
Vertical gain 18,510
Continent Antarctica
Vertical gain 16,050
Continent Australia Oceania
Vertical gain 7,310

Personalized Bibs

Personalized bibs are worn throughout the event. The front of the bib includes your name (or nickname) for the weekend. The back lists each of the 7 summits with a place to check each summit off as you climb towards Everest and 29029 vertical feet.

29029 Everesting White Bibs

Climbers wear personalized white bibs that include names/nicknames and tracking of their progress on their way through each of the 7 summits.

The Red Bib

Climbers who reach their final climb are given a red bib to symbolize to the community that they are approaching Everest.

Repeat Participation Awards

Climbers who return to climb again receive additional recognition of their achievements and contributions on the mountain.

Bib Badges

Returning finishers receive badges on their bibs and the Ascent Board to indicate how many times they have previously Everested at one of our mountains.

The Black Bib

Reserved for 3x+ finishers. The ultimate status symbol on the mountain.

5X Finisher Award

5X Everest finishers receive an incredibly unique award for their contributions to the community.

10X Finisher Award

10X Everest finishers receive an award that celebrates their incredible achievements.

Compare Locations

Much of the experience at each of the 29029 locations is the same, but there are unique variables like average weather and terrain. Which ever way you go — a life changing weekend is waiting. Have questions? Click here to set up a brief call with our team!

Sun Valley
Vertical foot gain per hike
1935 ft
# of hikes to Everest
Miles covered per hike
1.6 mi
Miles covered
Jackson Hole
Vertical foot gain per hike
1559 ft
# of hikes to Everest
Miles covered per hike
1.1 mi
Miles covered
Vertical foot gain per hike
2310 ft
# of hikes to Everest
Miles covered per hike
2.3 mi
Miles covered
Vertical foot gain per hike
3900 ft
# of hikes to Everest
Miles covered per hike
3.9 mi
Miles covered
Vertical foot gain per hike
2026 ft
# of hikes to Everest
Miles covered per hike
1.7 mi
Miles covered
Vertical foot gain per hike
1750 ft
# of hikes to Everest
Miles covered per hike
1.35 mi
Miles covered

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