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Do you have
what it takes to


A new challenge.
An inspiring community.
A chance to invest in yourself.
A weekend for your life resume.

Hike Up

Gondola Down


You have 36 hours to reach 29029 feet
the equivalent height of Mt. Everest.

Hike up the mountain, take the gondola down and repeat.

Are you up
for the

What Makes 29029?

  • The Challenge

    29029 is for those who want to live. Those who believe challenging things change us. That life’s greatest obstacles reveal what you’re really made of. We exist to challenge you so intensely that you evolve into a better version of you!
  • The Ascent Board

    Every ascent represents a moment of celebration on our way to the ultimate goal. Branding the Ascent Board, inhaling the smell of burning wood, is an intoxicating token of achievement that can only be earned. It's never given.
  • The Night Hikes

    A unique opportunity to test your limits. When hiking at night your whole world is reduced to a beam of light in front of you. A true sensory experience!
  • The Human Spirit

    There is something magical about the 29029 experience. It is life-changing for many. If we could bottle these emotions, it would be the most potent elixir known to humankind.
  • The Red Bib

    A symbol to the community that you've reached your final ascent. It's been said that the Red Bib gives you superpowers, and that the 'last lap is free.'
  • The Community

    A group of like-minded people ready to support each other to reach their individual goals. And by doing so it creates immeasurable energy that fosters greatness and allows the human spirit to shine.

We rent a private mountain. We build a base camp village with bands, bonfires, luxury tipi tents, food and drink. You join a community of like-minded individuals while tackling an epic endurance challenge. It’s a new category of events. Equal part physical, mental, and spiritual.

This is not a race. There are no age group awards or records to break.

This is you versus you.

Each step is one step closer to the best version of yourself. Join us.