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What's included in the registration fee?

Registration includes 3 nights of accommodations, all food/beverage/alcohol, all hydration and nutrition choices at the aid stations, a 20-week Training Guide, massage therapists and other recovery aids in our Athlete Recovery Lounge, limited edition event swag, a private online platfofrm for participants only, and more! The all-inclusive registration fees for 2023 events ranged from $4,995-$5,995, depending on the location.

What is the itinerary of the event?

Check-in begins at Noon on Thursday. 29029 will kick off at 3pm on Thursday. We will have motivational speakers that afternoon to inspire everyone for the challenge ahead. The hiking challenge begins at 6am on Friday morning and continues until 6pm on Saturday evening. After the conclusion of the challenge, we have a ceremony to recognize everyone’s efforts on the mountain, with a party Saturday night to cap things off. Departure is Sunday by 10am.

Do you allow spectators?

Yes. There are portions of the event that are participant-only, but spectators are allowed near the start area and can also ride the gondola to the summit where they can cheer on participants. Accommodations included with registration are for participants only.

Where can I learn more about volunteering at 29029?

Find out about the volunteer program here.

Is the challenge 36 continuous hours or is there a break?

The challenge begins at 6am on Friday morning and continues until 6pm on Saturday evening. The gondola is running and you can hike any time you want during this 36 hour period. You do not have to hike for 36 hours nonstop. Some participants hike all night until after the sun rises on Saturday morning, but many go and get some sleep! We do encourage everyone to complete at least one hike once the sun goes down on Friday as it’s such a unique and magical experience. Hiking in nature, whether alone or with others, and only seeing the headlamps of other hikers is often a memory that participants talk about and share with others.

Does the entry fee include airfare?

No, the entry fee does not include airfare. Everything will be taken care of once you arrive at the mountain from the time of check-in on Thursday through departure on Sunday.

Do you provide a packing list?

Yes! We provide location specific packing lists for each particular mountain, although relatively minimal gear is required for 29029. Trekking poles are strongly recommended and a headlamp is required. We recommend wearing moisture wicking base layers for the varying conditions throughout the day and evening, as well as trail shoes to provide additional traction while hiking up the mountain.

How does the Waitlist work?

If a spot at any of the events becomes available, we contact those on the Waitlist in chronological order to fill an open spot on a first come, first serve basis. If we reach out to someone on the Waitlist they have 24 hours to claim the spot before we reach out to the next person on the list.

Due to the number of submissions, the waitlists for 2024 events are currently closed.

What is the Refund/Transfer Policy?

You can find the refund policy here.

What is the age requirement to participate?

The minimum particiation age at a 29029 event is 18 years old, unless participating with a parent or legal guardian, in which case the minimum age for participation is 16. Any minors will need to be registered with an adult and will share a hotel room with that adult. If registering for an event in which the included accommodations are tents, a Tent for Two will need to be purchased for children under 18.

How do I register for 29029?

Online registration will be taking place in late 2022. This will take place on the 29029 website on a first come first served basis. Be sure to join our email list and follow @29029everesting on Instagram for updates.

How many people participate in each event?

We limit each event to approximately 250 participants as this really helps create a sense of community and camaraderie on the mountain.  Friendships and bonds are formed while hiking with others in addition to sharing meals and tents.

How can I volunteer at an event?

You can find more information about volunteering at a 29029 event and sign up here. We will then be in touch with additional information regarding this opportunity.

Do you include a training plan?

Yes, we include a 20-week Training Guide with your registration. This Guide is emailed on a bi-monthly basis beginning 5 months prior to your event. Our coaches have created these guides to help each participant prepare for the challenge. The Guide is a three tiered system (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) in which the participant can choose which level to follow based on the description we provide for each. If you’re willing to put in the work, this Guide will have you ready to hike 29029 ft on your event weekend.

How long does one need to train for this?

This varies, as everyone has a different beginning fitness level. We do know that our 20 week Training Guide will help prepare you for the challenge. We also know that at some point on the mountain, the willingness to keep going becomes as much mental as physical. This is when climbing with us becomes a transformative experience for many.

What type of accommodations are provided?

All participants at 29029 are provided with 3 nights accommodations for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights of the event weekend. Depending on the event location, accommodations will either be in either luxury glamping tents or a nearby hotel. For events with tents, "Single Entry" tickets include one bed in a 3-person tent (there is also an option to purchase a "Tent For Two"). For events with hotels, "Single Entry" tickets include one bed in a double occupancy hotel room. You can request your tentmates, or roommates, after registering.

How does a 'Tent for Two' work?

In a Tent for Two entry, you and one other participant will have a private tent for the two of you to share. You'll have the option of having two single beds or one queen bed in your private tent. A Tent for Two entry includes registration for 2 participants.

Why does a Tent for Two cost more than 2 Single Entries?

The Single Entry option is for a three person tent. The Tent for Two costs more per person as there are only two people in this tent.

Are you able to accommodate gluten free, vegan or vegetarian diets?

Yes, we accommodate each of these meal preferences at 29029.


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