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Our Story


How many vertical feet did you gain?

That's the simple question that 29029 co-founders Marc Hodulich and Jesse Itzler routinely asked one another after long runs. They soon realized that measuring a workout not in how far, but in how far up, was an exciting new way to challenge themselves and the idea for 29029 was born.

The Origin Story

29029 was created to give ordinary people the opportunity to do something extraordinary. We bring together a small group of like-minded people for a weekend experience so transformational that it will unlock a better version of you. Learn more about the origins and philosophy of 29029

Why We Do This

In the modern world we get fewer and fewer opportunities to step outside our comfort zones and do something truly memorable. We believe that doing hard things like climbing up a mountain for 36 hours can unlock a better version of each of us that's too often hidden away. We've seen the positive impact that this challenge has had on thousands of climbers and hope you'll join our community of gritty, committed people.

Who We Are

Our team will be with you – before your arrival and on the mountain – every step of the way. We are committed to ensuring that your experience is one without comparison. Want to speak with us? Click here to set up a brief call!

The Team
The Coaches

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