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the bibs

Personalized bibs are provided upon check-in to wear throughout the event.

The front of the bib is adorned with the 29029 branding and your name or nickname for the weekend. The back of the bib lists each of the 7 summits and a place to check each summit off as you climb towards Everest and 29029 vertical feet.

The Red Bib

Given to all participants on your final climb to 29029. A symbol to the community you are about to Everest!

The Black Bib

Reserved for 3x+ finishers. The ultimate status symbol among the 29029 family.

These badges indicate how many times a participant has Everested climbing all 29029 vertical feet during at one of our locations.

Volunteers Bib

Our volunteers are here to cheer you on throughout your journey. You’ll recognize them by this bib.

Coach Bibs

You’ll recognize our coaches by the above bib. They will be there to encourage and guide you throughout your journey.

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