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  • How can I make sure that I find out about future registration and event dates?

We recommend you submit your contact information on our website to receive communication from us in the future. We will announce when registration will open for events next year as well as specific event dates.


  • How does the Waitlist work? 

If a spot at any of the events becomes available, we contact those on the Waitlist in chronological order and fill an open spot on a first come, first serve basis. If we reach out to someone on the Waitlist they have 24 hours to claim the spot before we reach out to the next person on the list. 


  • How can I volunteer at an event?

Please email to let us know which event you are interested in volunteering. We will then be in touch with additional information regarding this opportunity.


  • Do you include a training plan?

Yes, a 20 week Training Guide is included in your registration. This Guide is emailed on a bi-monthly basis beginning 5 months prior to the event. The Guide, created by our Coach, is a three tiered system (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) in which the participant can choose which to follow based on the description we provide for each. We know based on the feedback from our community that this guide will have you ready to hike 29029 ft.


  • What is included in the registration fee?

Registration includes 3 nights of glamping style tent accommodations, all food/beverage/alcohol, all hydration and nutrition choices at aid stations along the hiking route, a 20 week Training Guide, massage therapists and other recovery aids in our Athlete Recovery Lounge, limited edition event swag, a private Facebook page for participants only, plus much more!


  • How many people participate at each event?

We limit each 29029 to a very small number of approximately 250 participants. Limiting the participant size helps create a sense of community and camaraderie on the mountain.  The positive “non-race” environment facilitates the opportunity for friendships and bonds to be formed while hiking with others in addition to sharing meals and tents with others.


  • How many people are in each tent?  

If purchasing a Single Entry, you will share a tent with two others of the same gender with each person having their own single bed. If purchasing a Tent For Two, you will share a tent with your guest and will have the option of two single beds or one Queen bed in this particular option. Couples, friends, siblings or parents with their children typically purchase this Tent for Two option. 


  • What is the minimum age requirement?

The minimum age is 16 years old but those that are 16 must stay in a tent with their parents or guardian. If one is not joined by a parent or guardian, the minimum age is 18 years old.


  • I understand the hiking challenge is 36 hours. Why is it listed as 3 nights?

Check in begins at Noon on Thursday. The hiking challenge begins at 6am Friday and concludes at 6pm Saturday. Departure is by mid morning on Sunday.


  • What gear is needed?

Minimal gear is required for 29029. Trekking poles are strongly recommended and a headlamp is required for safety reasons. We recommend wearing layered clothing for the varying conditions throughout the day and evening, as well as trail shoes to provide additional traction while hiking up the mountain.


  • What is the elevation of (Sun Valley) / (Snowbasin), (Stratton)?

IDAHO (Sun Valley) :  The base elevation is 5750 feet and each hike covers 1977 feet.

UTAH (Snowbasin) : The base elevation is 6391 feet and each hike covers 2310 feet.

VERMONT (Stratton) : The base elevation is 1872 feet and each hike covers 1750 feet.


*How many miles do you hike?

The total distance you hike varies per mountain location due to the slope of the hiking trail being different for each: 

IDAHO:  1.6 miles per each hike x 15  = 24.9 total miles to complete the challenge

UTAH:  2.3 miles per each hike x 13  = 29.9 total miles to complete the challenge

VERMONT:  1.3 miles per each hike x 17 = 22.4 total miles to complete the challenge 


  • Where should I fly into?

IDAHO:  Memorial Friedman Airport (SUN) is located 15 miles away from Bald Mountain.  Boise, Idaho (BOI) and Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC are other major airport options as well.

UTAH: Salt Lake City (SLC) is the closest major airport, located approximately 55 minutes (45 miles) away from Snowbasin Resort.

VERMONT: Albany, NY (ALB) is the closest major airport, located approximately 90 minutes (75 miles) away from Stratton Mountain.


  • I need to change payment methods for my remaining installments.  How do I do this?

You can change your method of payment by logging into your account that you created at the time of registration.  Once logged in, there will be options on the left hand side of the screen.  Select “Payment Methods” and update your information as needed.


  • Are you able to accommodate gluten free, vegan or vegetarian diets?

Yes, we accommodate each of these during meals at 29029.


  • Can you tell me about the restrooms? Do you provide showers?

We have permanent restrooms at the base of each mountain in addition to portable restrooms along the hiking route and in the basecamp village of tents. We will also provide shower facilities (separated by gender) at each event as well.  


  • Is the challenge 36 continuous hours or is there a break? Does the gondola run all night?

The challenge begins at 6am on Friday morning and continues until 6pm on Saturday evening.  The is a continuous 36 hour time period that is available to hike with the gondola operating during this entire time. You do not have to hike for 36 hours non stop.

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